5 Tips for Exercising With Arthritis


1. Prioritize Pain Management

Make sure your pain is under control before you start working
out. This will mean finding out from your doctor which type of arthritis you have and they will prescribe any anti-inflammatory medication
(only if necessary) or therapies.

Once the pain and inflammation are under control you should be able to do most types of exercise without aggravating the condition, we have provided some pointers

2. Start Slowly

If you suffer from arthritis, a doctor can advise you on which kinds of exercises would be good to do, as well as which ones could be harmful. Without a doubt starting slow would be the first piece of advice.

A warm-up is an often overlooked (yet integral) element of a workout - especially when your joints are sore and stiff due to arthritis. Before you jump on a bike or pick up a set of dumb bells, do some gentle range-of-motion exercises, such as arm circles, hip lifts, and toe touches.

3. Reduce Your Impact

When it comes to exercising with arthritis, low-impact is the way to go. Swimming,
water aerobics, Cycling, and elliptical machines are great low-impact forms of cardiovascular training

4. Experiment with the Ancient Arts

Practicing Tai Chi, QI gong and/or Yoga is a great a way to nourish your joints and increase balance and flexibility.

Tai Chi

The ancient arts are very effective at reducing pain and increasing mobility in people with different types of arthritis.

5. Work with Resistance

Weight training calisthenics (bodyweight training) resistance bands and kettlebells are all excellent forms of resistance training.


This form of exercise helps nourish and strengthen the joints. It is generally safe for an arthritis sufferer to partake in some form of resistance training program just be sure to check with your doctor before beginning a program.