7 Ways to Sit for Meditation

How to Sit for the Best Meditation

There are some basic elements of the meditation posture that are almost universal, each intended to calm the mind and align the body.

Do you sit down for meditation and wonder if you're doing it right? Learn all about the universal meditation postures in the next installment of our Guide to Healthy Living.

The Quarter Lotus

Here you can sit on the floor or your meditation cushion with your legs loosely crossed and both feet resting below the opposite thigh or knee.

We recommend this method for beginners and veteran meditators alike.

The Half Lotus

This a variation on the above Your legs are crossed with one foot resting on the opposite thigh. The other foot can fold underneath the top leg and rest below the knee.

The Full Lotus

Your legs are crossed with both feet resting on top of your opposite thighs in Lotus Pose. This requires very good hip mobility so don’t be surprised if you can’t do it yet!

The Burmese

One of the simplest  leg positions is the Burmese position. Your legs are crossed and both feet rest flat on the floor. Your knees should also rest on the floor, though sometimes it takes a bit of stretching for the legs to drop that far. Eventually your muscles will loosen up and your knees will begin to drop.

To all of this happen, shift your body forward a little bit. Imagine the top of your head pushing upward to the ceiling and in doing so, straighten your spine. Then just let the muscles go soft and relax.


Instead of sitting with your legs crossed you can also kneel and if you need to, place a cushion or yoga matt between your legs.


If it is not comfortable for you to sit on the floor you can use a chair if you need
to. No shame in it. Just be sure to sit away from the back of the chair and place your feet firmly on the floor, aligned with your hips


Sometimes people ask if they can meditate lying down. You can, but you’re more likely to fall asleep, Nevertheless, it can still be a nice position to use. Corpse pose is the best position if you do decide to lie down; this is also the best position to do the body scan meditation that will be described later in this chapter.