A great way to start a day in Camel Pose

Enjoy the physical, mental and emotional benefits of this daily routine.

Ustrasana, the Camel Pose is a great way to open the front of the body and gives a boost of energy to start up your day.


Like a camel journeying through the Sahara, Camel Pose requires stamina, endurance, and a commitment to inner awareness. While this pose is a journey and not a destination, when you do finally arrive, it’s totally worth it physically, mentally and emotionally.

Physical Benefits of Ustrasana

Improves circulation and digestion, and stimulates the thyroid. It’s said to decrease fat on the thighs, rejuvenate/increase energy levels, and lower blood pressure, reduces anxiety and stress.

Psychological Benefits of Ustranasa

The minds often follow our bodies, so by increasing the flexibility in your spine and relieving the tension in your neck, back, and shoulders, you increase the flexibility in your mind. Open your body, open your mind. Camel pose also known to increase creativity and problem solving thanks to a change in perspective.

Spiritual Benefits of Ustranasa

Camel Pose links directly to your heart chakra, Anahata. It is your energy center of love, and is responsible for your sense of caring and compassion. Located behind the heart, Anahata opens for energy to flow freely through it in Ustrasana. When your heart chakra is open, and energy flows freely, you operate in every action and thought from a place of love.

You love others. You love yourself. You give love. You receive love.

Although at first a difficult pose physically and emotionally, Ustrasana is a wonderfully vulnerable posture that benefits the mind, body, and soul.