Workouts For Joint Health pt 2: Joint Mobility Exercise Circuit

Joint Mobility Exercise Circuit

Follow the exercises below and complete them in a circuit format one after another.

Start at a lower rep/rounds and once you can complete them with ease, progress to more reps/rounds.

Exercise 1: Neck Mobility

neck mobility exercises

Move your head back and forth trying to bring it as close to your chest as possible and look back as far as possible. (5 Reps)

Then move your head side to side trying to get your ear as close to your shoulder as possible without lifting your shoulders upwards. (6 Reps)

Then look from left to right trying to look as far back as you can. (6 reps)

Move your head in circular movements from left to right then back. Try to keep the range of movement as wide as you can. (6 Reps)

Pull your shoulders up as close to your ears as you can. Shrug them forward 3 times and backwards 3 times..

Complete 3 - 6 reps of this routine.

Exercise 2: Back Stroke

Move your arm backwards in a circular movement. Try to keep your upper body still and keep facing forward so all the movement is coming from the shoulder.

Keep an upright torso.

Complete 6-21 reps of this routine.

Exercise 3: Hip Circles

hip circles

Draw circles with your hip trying to make the circles as big as you can.

Complete 3-10 reps of this routine.

Exercise 4: Cat Cow

Start on all fours. Drop your lower back and lift your eyes towards the ceiling trying to stretch into the chest as much as you can.

Then arch your back and bring your chin to your chest. Try to really curve your spine and feel the stretch in between your shoulder blades.

Keep moving in between the two postures..

Complete 6 - 21 repetitions of this exercise.

Exercise 5: Leg Swivels

Start sitting down with your feet just a bit wider than hip width apart.

Drop both of your knees towards the floor trying to get them as close to the floor as possible. Then bring them back into the middle and drop in the opposite direction.

Complete 3 - 10 repetitions of this exercise.