Practicing Gratitude: 5 Ways to Practice Gratitude

5 Ways to Practice Gratitude

Being grateful will give you meaning because it allows you to capture the full essence of every moment.

It takes the burden out of life while adding a dimension of beauty, and it allows you to find contentment even in moments of crisis.

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1. Keep a Journal

Keep a gratitude journal and jot down things, people and events that you are grateful for.

Notice the goodness in people and places, and write it down; the beauty of nature, the parking space, the new coat you could buy, the promotion you got, your mum’s cooking, the Sun rising every morning are just a few ideas.

keep a journal

2. Open a Gratitude Email Account

A Gratitude email address can be used for all your gratitude notes. Whenever you feel like it, email yourself a list of things you’re grateful for and every now and then log into the account and read through what you have written.

3. The Gratitude Jar

Get yourself a gratitude jar (any jar will do) and keep a mini notepad close to it.

Whenever you feel like expressing your gratitude you can write a note and put it in the jar.

Just like with your email account, every now and then you can go back and have a read through the notes.

4. Be Thankful

Say thank you to people more often. When someone does something for to you, no matter how small, make sure to thank them and give them a nice big smile. If you can’t thank them personally, express your gratitude internally and smile to yourself.

5. Give, Give, Give.

Give back to others even if they don’t expect it. Give out random acts of kindness as thank yous to life for all that you have, anonymous acts of kindness are particularly powerful!