Watching the Breath: Meditation Practice

Watching the Breath


This is a wonderful and simple meditation practice designed to quickly and simply help you relax into a deep meditation.

watching the breath

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Sit still and look away from all devices and other activities. Just sit there, with your eyes closed.

Take a moment to assess your condition. How do you feel? Are you tired, anxious, frustrated, calm, happy? What state is your mind in?

Stay with these feelings for a moment, just being curious and nonjudgemental about them.

Face each of the feelings you’re noticing, and notice the mental pattern that caused it. If you’re frustrated, are you stuck in a resentful story about someone else or your current situation? If you’re anxious, is there some desired outcome that you’re holding tightly to?

If you’re feeling down, are you comparing your situation with some ideal that you don’t have?

Bring your attention to your body. How does it feel?

What sensations can you notice in your head, neck, arms, hands, torso, hips, butt, legs, feet?

Can you find gratitude in this moment?

Can you find love or compassion, for yourself or others?

Bring your attention to your breathing. Breath gently and naturally through your nose. Notice the air entering and leaving your body. Try to keep your attention on your breath. If you notice your mind wanders off, gently guide your attention back to your breath.

You can start your practice with just 5 minutes and build up to 30 minutes. The chances are each breath meditation you do will be different, there is no right or wrong way so just go with your experience on the day.