When to Eat? Get Better at Nutrition, Pt2

When to Eat: 3 Meal Timing Tips using the Ayurvedic approach to meal timing

Knowing when to eat can be just as mystifying as what to eat and, of course, it can depend on your work/day schedule and body type.

As a general guideline we really like the Ayurvedic approach to meal timing. Ayurveda emphasises the importance of rhythm and awareness when it comes to food in order to keep the ‘digestive fire’ (agni) burning.

If we don’t digest properly, we don’t get the nutrients we need so, eating according to our body’s rhythms keeps us feeling strong and healthy and can help us sleep better, too.

Eat More between 10am and 2pm

Our digestive "fire" is at it’s strongest between 10am and 2pm and peaks between 12 and 1pm so it is best to eat your biggest meal of the day at this time.

Eat Little or Nothing after 7pm

As the sun begins to set our digestive fire begins to cool so it’s best to eat lighter meals in the evening and not after 7pm if possible.

Choose a Meal Frequency that Suits your Age and Lifestyle

3 meals a day is best if you are under 35 and 2 meals a day is usually fine if you are over 35. BUT this is just a very general guide; some people will prefer to eat more smaller meals throughout the day or need a lot more food as they do a lot of physical activity.

Get know what your body needs and then try to stick to regular meal times each day when possible.